Annual Report 2022 -2023



The Community Council currently has 7 Councillors – Eiryl Rees (chair), Cled Moses (vice-chair),

Ann Davies, Beryl Jones, Emyr Morgan, Linda Hughes and Anjuli Davies. Following the May 2022 elections, Mark Williams made the decision not to stand for re-election. Councillors were most disappointed as he was a valued member of the community.  There is now a vacancy.  Councillor Hefin Jones was duly elected as County Councillor for Llanfihangel Aberbythych.  Mairwen Rees remains as Responsible Financial Officer and Clerk.  David Morris, accountant,  is the Internal Auditor.

All Councillors chose to Opt Out of receiving the annual £150 Councillors Allowance.

Meetings were held face to face in the Reading Room, Court Henry for May, July, September, November and March with the January 2023 meeting being conducted over Zoom.

The precept for 2023/2024 is £9,000

The Footway Lighting invoice was for £846.39 (net) and the LED invoice for the eight year loan was £573.38 (net). Street lighting issues have been resolved.

The clerk appraisal is carried out annually and the Training Plan – for Councillors and Clerk is updated when need be.

We Dig Media continue to manage the website

Communication between Councillors and Clerk is via e-mail, telephone and post.

Communication between the community and Community Council is via Notice Boards, Website, face to face communication including via clubs and organisations.

The village green in Broad Oak is cut during the summer months and Cllrs and local residents volunteer to look after the flower boxes.

Wales Audit have now caught up with the backlog of audits and the accounts for Llangathen Community Council have been approved for 2019/2020, 2020/2021 and 2021/2022.

Annual membership is paid to One Voice Wales and Society of Local Council Clerks.

The A40 at Dryslwyn Square and Broad Oak remains a concern – Cllr H Jones has discussed matters with Jonathan Edwards MP and recently a report from WG was made available. 

Litter and Dog Fouling within the parish have been addressed and continue to be monitored. 

Issues regarding BT Exchange building and paths/parking in Broad Oak remain ongoing.  Fly Tipping concerns have recently been brought to the attention of Councillors. 

An application to Carmarthenshire County Council has recently been made to de-ward the parish.

A successful application for a free Defibrillator was made to WG.  This was approved and subject to the purchase of a cabinet.  

Donations amounting to £1190.00 to good causes have been made and largely to local organisations.

£70 to each of the halls – Reading Room and Llangathen – was donated in order to purchase Shrubs/Bulbs in recognition of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

It was decided to oppose the proposed over head pylons being erected in the Towy Valley and requested that they be underground.